Malihe Golzade

A  professional  muralist, painter  and  illustrator, and  a member  of  well-known organizations  such  as  Razavi Khorasan  Tourism,  &  Cultural Heritage.

Handicrafts Organization,  and  Institute  for  promotion of  Contemporary visual  Art.

I was  the  designer  and  muralist  in  the  major  project of Padideh Shandiz  Dream  Town.

In addition  to  painting,  my  main  field  of  interest.

I am  active  in  the  fields  of  illustration.

Mosaic art,  sketch,  sculpture,  etc.

My enthusiasm  to  painting  since  my  earliest childhood  has  led me  to  become  a  well-known painter  in  my  country.  I  started my  professional  work experience  since  the  age  of  16,  along with  studying and  participating  in  various  classes  with instructors  including  Aidin Aghdashlou,  Iran Daroudi,  Reza Sadeghi. By  passing  relevant  courses  in  my  main  field  of expertise.  Such  as: “Painting”,  “Class-B Painter”,  and  “Arbitration  quality  control  of  Handicrafts”  training course.

I stepped  into  a  more  professional  level  of  my career.

One of  my  major  achievements  is  holding  the  solo  “Ladies Exhibition”  at  the cultural  center  of  the  embassy  of  I.R. Iran,  Ashgabat,  Turkmenistan  in  2006.

In addition  to  the  “Ladies  Exhibition”,  I  have  also  held numerous  solo  and  group  exhibitions  including  “Yek Asheghaneye  Aram  (a  Gentle  Romance)”,  “Hozche  khial  (pool of  imagination)”,  “Navay-e

Rang (the  Sound  of  Color)”  etc.

When painting  I  like  to  explore  the  tension  between  abstraction and  representation.  And  to  engage  in  a  duel  between techniques  and  moods.  I  have  repeatedly  been  asked  about what  I  thing  of  when  painting.  And  I know  that  people expect  a  `wise  and  arty`  answer,  but  the  truth  is  that  I am  often  lost  in  the  process.  As  is  obvious  in  many  of  my paintings.

I am  obsessed  with  color  and strive  to  show  the  subtle details  that  often  go  unnoticed.

Art is  an  important  asset  to  any  society  because  it  forms  an essential  ingredient  to  empowering  the  hearts  of  people. Being  surrounded  by  beautiful  and  eye-catching  artwork inspires  and  uplifts  the  viewer,  spreading  positive  vibes. Hence,  I  intend  to  design,  sketch,  and  implement  a  number of  urban  elements,  fountains,  and  environmental  drawings  in major  squares  of  Toronto,  Canada.  I  will  continue  developing my  ideas  to  professional  ones  with  high-standards.  I’m certain  I  will  achieve  whatever  I  want  and  I  will.